Blue Sky Cycle Carts has been making quality bicycle trailers for over 35 years. We offer bullet proof carts set up to carry cargo (we support a number of bike freight businesses), children, and dogs. We also have carts for bicycle touring and two different models specifically designed for older special needs children.

{long cart set up for 4 kids} Besides being great for kids and makers of the only cart
that can safely carry up to four children...
The kinds of cargo you can carry
are only limited by your imagination!
Marti Krieg's SF to Boston 1891 Eagle going in for repair >>>>
{wide cart grocery shopping}
{std. cart w. QR wheels disassembled} And you can easily disassemble them for transportation!

Made in the USA,
with 1020 DOM steel tubing
They last and last and last!

Take a look at our special needs trailers!

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What Trailer Expert, Martin Krieg, says about the Blue Sky!

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